Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna 3rdコンセプトアルバム
Dimersity 03 : Verum Cur Non Audimus

01. Verum cur non audimus
Chapter Ⅰ:Gleam of the Light through the sea
Chapter Ⅱ:from Tragedy that Progress showed
Chapter Ⅲ:Deafening Roar in the Abyss
Chapter Ⅳ:Gleam of the Light shined the Despair

02. Sign in the days
03. Awakening from the abyss
04. Warning of the truth
05. A broken hope
06. Story in the fairytale
07. Advance to death
08. Last Requiem
09. Destiny never change
10. Two decision
11. Sacrifice Syndrome
12. Quia non dicimus

Produced by : Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna
Music composed by : swe

Lyrycs : Albert
All songs arranged by : swe
All tracks mixed by : swe at "Astral Cosmic Studio"
All tracks masterd by : とむ at "Atelier Metal Studio"
Artwork by : Rapt
Design by : Lynri

Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna are :
Albert - Voice, 焼きそば (tr.10)
swe - Guitar (tr.1,2,4,6,7,10,11,12)
Bass (tr.1,4,6,11,12)
Synth, Key, Drum Manipulator
ケンカワ - Guitar (Tr.3,9,12),Bass (tr.9)
ノーザン・キラー - Guitar (Tr.1,2,5,7,8,11),
      Bass (Tr.2,5,7)

sawacy (the Art of Mankind/Ignis-Fatuus)
- Clean Vocal (tr.1)
PEATH2 - Guitar solo (tr.1,4)
じーく - Guitar solo (tr.1,8)
Wooming - Guitar solo (tr.12)
小泉 - Bass (tr.3)
ytmn - Bass (tr.8)